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We can tune up your system to make sure your equipment is running at peak performance and help you avoid those costly electrical bills.


15% Discount on Repairs + FREE TRIP CHARGE

Measure Temperature Splits

Measure Thermostat Calibration

Measure Motor Values for Electrical Efficiency

Check air filters

Test Starting Capabilities and Safety Controls

Clean Cabinet

Record System Static Pressures for Ductwork/Air Flow Efficiencies

Inspect Evaporator Coil, if accessible

Clean Condenser Coil(s)

Clear Condensate Drains

Verify Refrigerant Levels

Measure for Correct Air Flow

Tighten Electrical Connections at Disconnect Box and Contactor

Record Compressor and Condenser Fan Motor Current Draws

Analyze Contactor and Capacitor

Record System Charge Values

Analyze Pressure Drop of Coil and Filter

Clean Return Grills